Charity Buddy has been created as a FREE resource to help you to help animals in need.  We are a Not for Profit organisation, only undertaking charitable work. We are animal lovers with business skills, and we want to help you.

Created in 2018, we have already been involved in a number of projects.  To give you an idea of the help we have provided to a range of medium/large charities and small rescues an overview of a few of them are listed below:

Example 1:  A medium sized equine charity

We were asked to help them with a problem relating to their website. They had a contract with a website provider that had left them with escalating costs every time they wished to amend their website.

They also had downloadable forms for sponsorship, adoption and volunteering built into their site, which were not the best way of interacting with supporters; today everything should be online and immediate!

Our help has been to create online forms and processes to automate these activities and renegotiate the arrangements with the website supplier. This may not sound like a lot, but when you're busy with the animals, have you really got time to sort this out yourself?

Example 2:  A large, dog rehoming charity

We have sourced, identified and introduced a great animal sanctuary/rehoming software system to a team of busy Trustees which is going to make their lives so much easier!

The new system is hugely discounted (a massive saving of over £18k), it's totally tailored to their specific needs, it has the highest level of security and is totally compliant under Data Protection/GDPR regulations.

It will be managing the interfaces between three specific animal support groups and their 6000+ volunteers.

Example 3:  A number of small donkey, cat and dog 'not for profit' rescues

We have helped (and are still helping) many small, not for profit rescues with social media advert creations for activities such as rehoming, fundraising, volunteer recruitment and open days.  We have excellent design capabilities, so if you need to create some professional social media campaigns, why not ask for some assistance? 

We can even give you some free tools and tuition so that you can do it yourself easily in future!

Don't forget, if we can't help you directly ourselves, there is a strong chance that we know of someone or an organisation who may be able to help and we can put you in touch. 

If we don't know anyone, we will happily try and find a solution with you.