Digital Marketing, Websites and Branding

One of the growing  issues for animal charities throughout the UK is not having anyone to help with digital marketing. So what is digital marketing?  In simple terms, it's the use of the internet and associated technology to support current marketing practices.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Mailchimp etc. are all examples you're probably aware of.

Charity Buddy can work with you to develop your existing online presence (or create it from scratch) to help you engage support and provide recognition of your organisation.

If you haven't got a website, don't worry, we can build one for you. We can also help with SEO (helping you to be found on search engines such as Google), both organically, and through the use of paid for Google advertising options.

If you'd like help with the development of your brand so that people recognise your posts, campaigns, adverts and alike, we can assist you with that too!

Online Application Forms

Do you find yourself emailing, posting or giving out forms for people to complete and return? It's much easier and efficient to use online forms that people can complete using their laptops, tablets or phones. Online forms can be created to simplify the process of handling applications from volunteers, rehomers, sponsors, and for gift aid and merchanidise processing.

Online processes reduce the number of times people forget to return forms or get sidetracked.  They are also a great way of recording the information you need, saving you time.  You can also be notified when a form is sent to you, giving you a gentle reminder to take action.

Privacy notices that enable you to be legally compliant under data protection legislation can also be incorporated into your forms.


Are you claiming gift aid? Do your fundraising activities generate the most income possible? Are the transaction costs of processing payments as low as they could be?

We can offer practical support to help you make the most of your existing fundraising plans, and hopefully help you to reduce your costs! 

Grant Applications

It can take time to plan and prepare to make grant applications.

Do you know which charitable trusts are most likely to help you? Have you prepared all of the information that you will need in order to make an application? Are your accounts up to date?

Grant applications usually have deadlines for applications.  We can help you to plan for achieving these deadlines.

GDPR and Data Protection

If you are handling people's personal information, you will need to operate within the current UK legal framework. Data protection, and more recently GDPR legislation should be adhered to when processing information about people.  

It may be time to review your forms, the information you process, and how you store your information, to ensure you stay within the law. You should have a privacy policy and you also need to ensure that any marketing campaigns are undertaken without breaching peoples privacy rights.

Human Resources

Do you employ staff? Do you engage self employed workers? Do you offer apprenticeships?

If so, we can help you with producing appropriate employment contracts, contracts for services and general HR support. This can range from the very basic general administration to handling wages and dealing with appropariate pay rates and entitlements. If you're a registered charity with 250 staff or less, we can also introduce you to an organisation that can offer you FREE HR Management Software. 

Whatever your people-related issues are, we are happy to talk them through with you.


If you need help advertising your rescues to find suitable new homes, we are familiar with an easy-to-use, affordable software package, that can deliver this for you.

The social enterprise that has developed this fantastic software can offer you a demonstration of the system which is capable of managing all aspects of your rescue centre or sanctuary from initial entry to rehoming. Contact us for more detailed information and a demonstration!

Home Check and Transportation Service

In our opinion, the most critical aspect of rehoming a rescued animal is ensuring that s/he is placed with an appropriate new home.

We accept that nothing is ever 100% guaranteed, but we have found a wonderful organisation that specialises in providing these services to charities.

If you need to access a national network of home checkers to help you widen the options of homes to your rescues, please get in touch!

Business Planning

How often do you take time to review how you are operating? Could you operate more efficiently? What plans do you have in place in the short, medium and long term? Do you have contingency plans in place if things go wrong?

If you'd like us to review your operation, with an independant viewpoint, please get in touch.